Air Guitar and the Hard Stuff

I came across a really interesting blog entry this morning, referencing a South Park episode alongside various talks given by Alan Kay in the past 2 decades about our present day computing culture. It’s a must-read.

The culture of “air guitar”:

That got me thinking, the people that we all think of as the “really good programmers”, are they Jimi Hendrix

or just Thad Jarvis?

I read up on CALL/CC and DYNAMIC-WIND last week after I got my ass seriously kicked by Edwin’s terminal code. I think I’m starting to grok it now, but I’m not sure if I know how to write that code all by myself.

I sure hope this is not just more Air Guitar gesturing.


  1. Grant Rettke:

    It is always interesting to see Hendrix get mentioned. He spent many years as a session musician. Perhaps the equivalent in the IT world is a high-priced consultant. Now he is a god, no question, but, he got there with hard work, he wasn’t born that way, much contrary to the god-programmer mythology that seems to be en vogue today.

  2. JANE:



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