Here are some of my projects:


I store my code in a revision control system. I have both Git and Mercurial setup, but I have basically stopped using Mercurial.


A while back, I tried to do some Chinese to English translations to keep myself occupied. It never got anywhere, but the work that I did that morning is still available. One of these days, I might pick it up again and continue with it.

Translating An Ideal Afternoon by Shu Guozhi(理想的下午, 舒國治著)


I made a WordPress theme for this blog called Fluid Red, it’s based on Srinivasan‘s Fluid Blue theme.


  1. Jane K Zhou:

    Hello Chinaman!’
    Found ur website through Wikipedia,
    I’m a highschool student from ISB Intl School of Beijing (we the dragons yeh.) But anyways, I was working on a project for Chinese it’s a media project for Chinese NeoNative 3 class and I am asking for you’re opinion of the Chinese media and it’s influences specifically and overall?
    thanks sir,
    Jane Zhou

  2. Jane K Zhou:

    whoops sorry for randmo commenting! :P please excuse me :D

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