OPML Viewer

I haven’t been able to concentrate on homework lately, but I did get to do a bit of fun hacking tonight.

I read that Bloglines released a set of Web Services APIs today. I have been a Bloglines user for a long time, but I have always missed the option of reading my feeds offline (especially when I didn’t a net connection at home). Now that an API is available, I figured I can do something about it.

It took a while to read up on the how the NodeStore API works, but after finding this vital bit of documentation, I got it working in no time.

Unfortunately, the selection API is still not complete yet, so for now, I only have a simple OPML (+ Bloglines extension) viewer.

Screenshot of OPML Viewer

There are still some bugs: most notably, the unread count at the top is wrong. Also, the rendering of the text is statically hooked. I had tried using a delegate to allow for pluggable rendering, but it fails with an Exception.

The code is available here: nodestore.cs.

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