Trying to fix my Visual Studio installation

Roberto Garza posted a comment on my earlier post with possible solutions to the bugs I’m experiencing with my Beta-2 install. He said,

  1. What you need to do is reset the vc# user settings. Just go to tools->import export options and check reset all settings.
  2. About the designer package, try repairing the .net framework install from add remove programs, that worked for me.

I followed those two advices, but things are still broken for me. In particular, I couldn’t reset my settings, when I try to load that dialog, I get a error message stating: “Package ‘Visual Studio VsSettings Package’ has failed to load properly.”

But, maybe they will work for some other people. Feedback welcome.


  1. Alex:

    Yeah, I tried that advice as well and got the same error message. Beta 1 felt a lot more polished than this.

  2. ZHONG GUO REN » Blog Archive » Visual Studio Beta2 fixed:

    [...] steps are easy: Install the auto uninstall tool linked from BradA’s site. Follow Roberto Garza’s instructions for resetting existing VS settings. That’s it! [...]

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