RSS reader: FeedLounge

I paid $5 to try out FeedLounge when it came out, and I’m still going back to Bloglines.

At first, I thought I’d like FeedLounge’s more sophisticated UI, but it turns out Blogline’s simple UI was easier to use, faster to load and less error-prone.

With Bloglines, once I click on a feed (or a folder of feeds), all the posts are marked as read. With FeedLounge, posts are marked read as I read them, but that just made scrolling a lot more cumbersome.

I also thought I’d like FL’s Outlook 2k3-like 3-pane view more than BL’s traditional 2-pane view, but FeedLounge’s view ended up taking too much screen estate, and the additional post-title pane in the middle isn’t all the useful either.

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