Comments work again

It was very nice to receive a Thank-you note from Ecmel Ercan from Turkey. He told me that comments were broken, but I have just fixed it.

I watched Game 4 last night at a friend’s house down the street. It was amazing! At the moment when Foulke handed the ball to Mientkiewicz for the 3rd out in the 9th inning, the room just went silent. At that moment, no one understood that the Red Sox just won the World Series. And then we cheered, and jumped up and down!

As Tim wrote on his blog (we live on the same street), even though there wasn’t a lot of people walking about during the game and the streets were quiet, the atmosphere in Fenway was buzzing with excitement last night.

I’m wearing my Manny Ramirez (MVP!) t-shirt all day today.

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