Election Day

I tried to install a Wiki this afternoon, for organizing the work I’m doing for Professor Lorenz. I tried PhpWiki, MoinMoin and PmWiki.

In the end, I chose PmWiki, cuz it’s so much easier to install than the others. The rest of them are a mess.

There was a scare just now. All my entries disappeared. I thought I had messed up the MySQL database and lost all my entries. I was just about to start re-importing the old entries from LiveJournal, but I popped into #wordpress and asked for some help. Turns out it was a simple cookie/cache problem. Whew!

Here’s a link to My Wiki.


  1. Kerim Friedman:

    Media Wiki is a synch to install, although it isn’t so easy to customize. That’s what drives wikipedia.

  2. Ian:

    Just afterthoughts — http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/onlamp/2004/11/04/which_wiki.html

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