A VFS backend for a Squeak image?

I was uploading something just now, and things were really slow, then I had this idea. I figured I’ll write it down here.

The inspiration was this: I tried to use nautilus to drag-n-drop my files to an remote mount that uses the SSH gnome-vfs back-end. It didn’t work because it was too slow, so I went back to the command line. That got me thinking: in a remote Smalltalk system, the only way to talk to the image is via some sort of VNC connection. That’s really cool, but I bet it’ll be really unbearable on a slow connection.

Here comes the brilliant idea: why not implement a VFS backend for a Squeak image? That way, on a remote machine, you can use something less bandwidth-hungry to do your editing.

I envision something like this:

$ mount -t squeakfs Squeak.image /mnt/image
$ ls /mnt/image/MyClass

I mean, this could be useful even in a non-remote situation.

Am I on crack?

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  1. Mike Roberts:

    Whilst it’s not quite a VFS you might be interested in the FTP Server that Ian Prince and Lukas Renggli cooked up. You can get it on squeaksource.com.

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