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Ma vie en rouge

With a domain name like, I can’t help but make my site a bit more Red

. To that end, I have added a custom favicon, as well as tweaked the theme’s color scheme to better reflect my Red sentiments.

I took Srinig’s Fluid Blue theme and sinified it by changing it to use the reddish colors from the Tango Project’s color palette. I’m called my derived theme Fluid Red, it’s available in my Git repository.

Uhm, I think you forgot the vodka…

So I’m back in Hong Kong.

I haven’t been doing much – other than playing Wii tennis, I have mostly been staying at home. Yesterday, I decided to venture out to the bigger world that is Central, Hong Kong.

I went to the new shiny mall in town, the IFC (giant penis-shaped building by the waterfront) and strolled around. Everything in that mall seemed über expensive. I didn’t feel comfortable at all walking into one of the stores wearing my ratty cardigan from American Apparel and a tote bag that says ‘ILLEGAL DRUGS’.

To escape it all, I ended up sitting around at a McDonalds.

Afterwards, I met up with my mom at c!ty’super, the local Whole Foods-like supermarket. While waiting in line, I saw this caucasian woman in her late 20s holding a shopping basket with a box of DeCecco pasta and other groceries on one hand, and a hastily printed copy of Rachael Ray’s

You won’t be Single for Long

vodka cream pasta from the Food Network on her other hand.

I think I’m the only one in the checkout line who noticed it. If she were in the US, I think she probably wouldn’t dare to put her new recipe in such proud display.

UNIQLO typography

New books from Amazon

This is too funny


There was a fire right by my house tonight. I ran out and took photos.

Finally a reason to use Flickr.


Testing LJ crosspost

A VFS backend for a Squeak image?

I was uploading something just now, and things were really slow, then I had this idea. I figured I’ll write it down here.

The inspiration was this: I tried to use nautilus to drag-n-drop my files to an remote mount that uses the SSH gnome-vfs back-end. It didn’t work because it was too slow, so I went back to the command line. That got me thinking: in a remote Smalltalk system, the only way to talk to the image is via some sort of VNC connection. That’s really cool, but I bet it’ll be really unbearable on a slow connection.

Here comes the brilliant idea: why not implement a VFS backend for a Squeak image? That way, on a remote machine, you can use something less bandwidth-hungry to do your editing.

I envision something like this:

$ mount -t squeakfs Squeak.image /mnt/image
$ ls /mnt/image/MyClass

I mean, this could be useful even in a non-remote situation.

Am I on crack?

This is a test


WordPress is pretty nice. I was even able to import my LiveJournal entries from last month.

I need to work on a way to syndicate my content here to Live Journal now. I can’t find a plug-in yet, but it shouldn’t be too hard to write a hook to do a post on LJ when I post a new entry here.