Uhm, I think you forgot the vodka…

So I’m back in Hong Kong.

I haven’t been doing much – other than playing Wii tennis, I have mostly been staying at home. Yesterday, I decided to venture out to the bigger world that is Central, Hong Kong.

I went to the new shiny mall in town, the IFC (giant penis-shaped building by the waterfront) and strolled around. Everything in that mall seemed über expensive. I didn’t feel comfortable at all walking into one of the stores wearing my ratty cardigan from American Apparel and a tote bag that says ‘ILLEGAL DRUGS’.

To escape it all, I ended up sitting around at a McDonalds.

Afterwards, I met up with my mom at c!ty’super, the local Whole Foods-like supermarket. While waiting in line, I saw this caucasian woman in her late 20s holding a shopping basket with a box of DeCecco pasta and other groceries on one hand, and a hastily printed copy of Rachael Ray’s

You won’t be Single for Long

vodka cream pasta from the Food Network on her other hand.

I think I’m the only one in the checkout line who noticed it. If she were in the US, I think she probably wouldn’t dare to put her new recipe in such proud display.

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