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More Node Loving

This morning, Mike came up with a plan to restructure the NodeSelection / NodeView work I did awhile ago and I spent the early afternoon implementing it. The patch is now attached on bug 69288.

We still have this ongoing issue, though — as Peter pointed out in 50975 a year ago (!), Gtk.NodeStore should implement Gtk.TreeModel (69287).

Mike has been working hard preparing the upgrade to 2.4 bindings. There will probably be a devel release of the Gtk# later today. The NodeSelection / NodeView patch will not make it into today’s release, but I’ll commit it to CVS immediately after the release is out.

The patch will probably need some more loving, particularly the bit that handles the CellRenderer attributes (see TreeNodeValueAttribute.cs). I’m also looking forward to some API review, I think there are definitely some bits that could be better polished.

On another note, my order of new trackpoint caps arrived this morning (Mr. UPS woke me up at 8). Now I’m using the new “soft dome cap” on both my X24 and X31. The new style cap is so much better than the old style.

After reading Don’s blog on Media Center 2005, I went ahead and installed the new Royale / Energy Blue theme on my XP laptop. More and more, I can’t tell my NLD laptop apart from my Windows laptop.

My moment of fame (for 0.5 sec): On the NLD announcement page, if you click on the Gaim Icon (in yellow) and pay attention to the content of the Buddy List, you’ll find me there.


As a foreign student who have lived in the US for the past 7 years, 3 under Clinton and the past 4 under Bush, I’m finding this country growing less welcoming and less appealing.

Four years ago, as I was about to start college, I remember thinking to myself, “life has been pretty good in the past 4 years, I can see myself becoming an American.”

. Ever since the Patriot Act was proposed, I have been feeling less and less inclined to “becoming American”


From this map produced by USA Today, it looks like the America that I loved is rapidly shrinking.

One thing that I find repulsive is the self-righteousness from many people on the Right. More than ever, I find the frequent pronouncements of “America is still the greatest nation on earth” to be arrogant, ignorant and illusional.

Maybe there is hope, that it is not only about Red states and Blue states, the Left and the Right, as Jon Stewart so poignantly said on Crossfire. Maybe we should look at this as different shades of purple:


Here is a page with links to more maps of the 2004 election.

This just in: Greg Palast says Kerry won.


: Interactive map from the New York Times.


On a more Mono-related note, we made 2 releases on Election Day, 1.0.4 and 1.1.2. However, the pages to the packages and installers didn’t get updated until Wednesday afternoon. Hopefully it’s all sorted now.

Election Day

I tried to install a Wiki this afternoon, for organizing the work I’m doing for Professor Lorenz. I tried PhpWiki, MoinMoin and PmWiki.

In the end, I chose PmWiki, cuz it’s so much easier to install than the others. The rest of them are a mess.

There was a scare just now. All my entries disappeared. I thought I had messed up the MySQL database and lost all my entries. I was just about to start re-importing the old entries from LiveJournal, but I popped into #wordpress and asked for some help. Turns out it was a simple cookie/cache problem. Whew!

Here’s a link to My Wiki.

Comments work again

It was very nice to receive a Thank-you note from Ecmel Ercan from Turkey. He told me that comments were broken, but I have just fixed it.

I watched Game 4 last night at a friend’s house down the street. It was amazing! At the moment when Foulke handed the ball to Mientkiewicz for the 3rd out in the 9th inning, the room just went silent. At that moment, no one understood that the Red Sox just won the World Series. And then we cheered, and jumped up and down!

As Tim wrote on his blog (we live on the same street), even though there wasn’t a lot of people walking about during the game and the streets were quiet, the atmosphere in Fenway was buzzing with excitement last night.

I’m wearing my Manny Ramirez (MVP!) t-shirt all day today.


Since Mono entered the 1.0 beta cycle in early June, I haven’t really been writing code. Throughout the whole summer, I spent most of my time thinking about doing releases and packaging for Mono instead.

Since Mike was here last week, I figured I ought to work on improving the NodeStore stuff. I started thinking about it Thurdsay afternoon, and after a few false starts (and some embarrasing bugs), I got it working on Friday night after dinner.

Here’s the patch.

Mike is in the middle of preparing the Gtk# tree to move to the latest version of Gtk, but this should get merged when he’s done with that.

With this patch, you can now do something like this:

void OnButtonClicked (object o, EventArgs a)
	NodeSelection selection = view.Selection;
	foreach (ITreeNode node in selection.SelectedNodes)
	Console.WriteLine (node.ID);

The selection methods in NodeSelection all support ITreeNode, that means you can kiss Gtk.TreeIter goodbye!

Jon Stewart is my hero

Seymour Hersh

Presidential Debate on Foreign Policy

I watched it tonight at the library. It was pretty fun. Kerry did well, but I wish he threw more punches at Bush.

Some suggestions:

The Democrats seem pretty happy about their lead now. Let’s hope this cheerfulness does not translate into cockiness. This debate series is going to be interesting. I look forward to the next debate on domestic issues, as well as the VP debate (Edwards vs. Cheney, fight!)

I started bloging again

OPML Viewer

I haven’t been able to concentrate on homework lately, but I did get to do a bit of fun hacking tonight.

I read that Bloglines released a set of Web Services APIs today. I have been a Bloglines user for a long time, but I have always missed the option of reading my feeds offline (especially when I didn’t a net connection at home). Now that an API is available, I figured I can do something about it.

It took a while to read up on the how the NodeStore API works, but after finding this vital bit of documentation, I got it working in no time.

Unfortunately, the selection API is still not complete yet, so for now, I only have a simple OPML (+ Bloglines extension) viewer.

Screenshot of OPML Viewer

There are still some bugs: most notably, the unread count at the top is wrong. Also, the rendering of the text is statically hooked. I had tried using a delegate to allow for pluggable rendering, but it fails with an Exception.

The code is available here: nodestore.cs.